BitZ Global Ecological Alliance

Provide One-stop Solutions for Digital Asset Trading Platform Speedy Construction Resource Sharing

Trading System Service

All partner stations share the same trading volume, real time updates on market data. Exceptional technical supports, NewSQL 1 billion data updates in milliseconds; Order matching engine can fill 0.5 million trades per second; Average global API speed 100MS.

Risk Management Service

Provide the safest risk control strategy for all partner stations. For the underlying framework, BitZ provides bank level SSL secure connections for its partner stations. BitZ offers multi-dimensional risk management and top cloud defense system to ensure asset security.

Wallet Service

Provide wallet control, asset management and block chain underlying structure related services. Powerful computing and security systems to ensure transaction security and save the wallet management and other technical costs for partner stations.

UI Service

Support web module design and offer custom multi-language, multi-currency, multi-user system settings. Partner stations can build their own interface according to preference.

Custom Construction Service

Partners can set up a unique local station. BitZ recruits global partners and can help them to quickly set up stations in any locations.

Ecological Project Sharing

Share with the partner stations high quality project resources. Projects get listed smoothly once passed background, technical and other reviews to save costs for partner stations.

BitZ Union Sites

South East Leading Digital Asset Trading Platform

Bit-M officially launched in South East Asia in the late 2018 backed by strong partners like Okwave, Palantir, Keypair and BitZ who are leading players different industries of Social Media, Cybersecurity, Hardware wallet & Technology. In 2019 Q1, Bit-M users had increased 1000-fold.

Selected Global Block Chain Asset Trading Platform

Bit007 was opened in 2018 in Manila, Philippines. It receives payment guarantees from major South East banks and offers multiple block chain financial services on individual as well as institutional levels. It is going to provide global payment service with Unionbank.